Manchester attack: Police 'not sharing information with US'
Theresa May will tell Donald Trump shared intelligence "must be secure" after US leaks about the Manchester bomb - as the Queen visits victims.

Trump Nato summit: 'Tough' talks ahead over military spending
The US president has previously criticised Nato members for not meeting spending targets.

South China Sea: US warship sails close to disputed Mischief Reef
It's the first challenge to Beijing's claim to sovereignty over the waters since Trump took office.

Google AI defeats human Go champion
Chinese Go player Ke Jie has lost two games of Go to Google's artificial intelligence.

US Republican Greg Gianforte charged over Guardian reporter 'body slam'
Montana candidate Greg Gianforte faces a misdemeanour charge over a clash with a Guardian journalist.

Protest against Brazil's President Temer turns violent
Troops will guard government buildings in Brazil after violence at protests against President Temer.

Read Bolshevik poet Mayakovsky, Russia advises US
US politicians should learn Russian from communist-era poems, a top Russian official says.

New Zealand space launch is first from a private site
The first ever launch from New Zealand is a step towards making it cheaper to get cargo into space.

Indian woman 'forced to marry Pakistani' returns
Uzma crossed the border into India after a court in Islamabad granted her request to leave.

Russian explorers find 'swamp' of Soviet money
Group finds a billion roubles in worthless banknotes at abandoned mine near Moscow.

Sarah Hyland: Modern Family actress hits back over body shaming
The actress had received comments on social media saying she looked "too skinny" in a recent photo.

Bikram Choudhury: Judge issues arrest warrant against yoga founder
Bikram Choudhury failed to pay $6.5m to his former lawyer in a sexual harassment case.

Cricketer blames pet death for car offence
New Zealand's Doug Bracewell blames the killing of a pet cockatoo for drink-driving, which has landed him with 100 hours of community service.

Battle for Mosul: IS 'using chemical weapons'
Mosul residents say they are suffering from a rising number of suspected chemical attacks by so-called Islamic State.

Wedge-tailed eagle captured swooping on drone
The wedge-tailed eagle sent the drone crashing to the ground at a farm in Western Australia.

Whatâs keeping Indian women from working?
Just one in five women in urban areas in India are in paid employment.

Pigeon 'caught with backpack of drugs'
A pocket holding 178 pills was strapped to the bird which was caught near the Iraq border - report.

Harvard student raps his thesis - and graduates with honours
Finals never had such flow. Why a Harvard graduate dropped a 10-track rap album for his thesis.

Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why?
Mrs Trump wore a veil to the Vatican - but what are the rules for a meeting with a pope?

The pizza shop feeding the homeless one slice at a time
In this Philadelphia pizza shop, customers can pay $1 to purchase pizza slices for homeless patrons.

'Glum Pope' and other weird Trump trip moments
There have been plenty of talking points from Donald Trump's first foreign trip: here are a few.

Endangered turtle set free in Florida
Antibiotics and vitamins helped the injured loggerhead sea turtle back to health in Marathon, in the Florida Keys.

The sex slaves of al-Shabab
Last year Salama Ali uncovered a secret - that the al-Shabab militant group was seizing Kenyan woman and turning them into sex slaves.

Is heroin being smuggled to UK on Pakistani planes?
Pakistani officials investigate two incidents in which the drug was found on London-bound planes.

Nato and Trump: What future for the Atlantic alliance?
Nato leaders are playing down President Trump's first visit to the Brussels HQ.

Why doesn't Australia have an indigenous treaty?
Unlike other Commonwealth countries, the nation has never had a treaty with its indigenous peoples.

'I turned my dad's erotic novel into a hit podcast'
As more and more people listen to podcasts, how can podcast makers make money from what they do?

Will Trump bring paid maternity leave to the US?
Donald Trump is proposing the first, federal paid family leave law. How far does it go?

Waiting for take-off in West Africa
Flying between the West African capitals of Freetown and Banjul should take about an hour. But as the BBC's Umaru Fofana found out, it can be quicker and easier to fly via Morocco or even Belgium.

Why Venezuelan parents keep children at home
As the political crisis in Venezuela deepens, more parents choose not to send their children to school.

Hakainde Hichilema's treason trial puts Zambia at crossroads
The BBC's Karen Allen asks whether the treason charges faced by Zambia's opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema are a sign that Zambia's reputation as a bastion of democracy is under threat.

Will India movie star Rajinikanth go into politics?
The political uncertainty in Tamil Nadu state has given new meaning to Rajinikanth's remarks.

No place to hide for LGBT people in Indonesia's Aceh province
Authorities in Indonesia's Aceh province are enforcing an ever stricter version of Sharia law.

Lipstick and dresses return to Mosulâs streets
Footage from east Mosul, Iraq, reveals the legacy of horror left by so-called Islamic State, but also suggests some of life is returning to normal.

Gay couple's hopes for Taiwan marriage
A gay couple with twins in Taiwan explains why they hope they will eventually be allowed to marry.

Why a $1.6bn car plant has been left to decay
Mexico is the world's fourth largest car exporter, but could Donald Trump bring this to an end?

England squad: Wayne Rooney left out for Scotland & France matches
Captain Wayne Rooney is left out of the England squad for June's matches against Scotland and France.

Manchester clubs donate £1m to attack victims
Manchester City and Manchester United combine to pledge £1m to an emergency fund set up to support the victims of Monday's attack.

England v South Africa: Falling spectator drops David Miller six in the stands
A falling spectator drops a big six from David Miller in the stands during the first one-day international against South Africa at Headingley.

Margaret Court Arena: Name to remain despite ex-player's same-sex views
Australian Open venue Margaret Court Arena will not be renamed despite the 24-time Grand Slam champion's opposition to same-sex marriage.

Who was Salman Abedi?
The man suspected of killing 22 people in Manchester had recently returned to the city from Libya.

The victims
Schoolgirls, parents waiting to pick up children, and an off-duty police officer are among the dead.

Moving tribute of Ariana's manager
It is the first time he has spoken publicly since the attack which killed 22 people at the star's Manchester concert.

What we know so far
A suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured scores more at Manchester Arena. Here is what we know.

How Manchester echoed in the Philippines
Why did a hashtag originating in the Philippines go global after the suicide attack in Manchester?

Manchester attack: Mum addresses head-on her children's worries about terror
A mother of three answers her children's questions about the tragic events in Manchester.

Reality Check: How terrorism threat levels work
As the UK terror threat level is raised to its highest level, we ask what does that mean?

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